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Updates help you stay on top of all your activity on DevRev.

Conversations, tickets, and issues for which you are an owner, member, or creator; have commented on; or have been @mentioned are automatically shown in your updates. A group can also be mentioned here which will send a notification to all the members of the group. For other tickets and issues, you can follow them to receive some or all updates through the bell icon 🔔 on the work item and you can unfollow work items to stop updates by unchecking all or some update types.

Both discussions and field updates show up as participation updates. Participation updates are the most frequent. You can unfollow them to reduce noise in your updates.


Follow conversations

To receive updates about conversations in the PLuG inbox, you must be a member of the support group. To manage membership of the support group go to Settings > Groups.

For more information about groups, refer to Groups.

Filtering updates

Any activity on a work item can trigger an update. You can filter and sort work item updates by Type and Object.

To reduce noise, we have prioritized tabs Important and Others. High-priority items like mentions, assignments, and new comments on work items that matter the most go to Important.

Follow work

Notifications are organized into clusters which appear only under the specific object or bot.

Daily email digest

DevRev sends a daily email digest with a summary of unread updates. The updates in the email are not comprehensive but give you a snapshot of what you might have missed. Clicking the link in the email takes you to the Updates page in DevRev where you can see all the latest items.