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Sentiment evaluator

The Sentiment evaluator snap-in lets you get feedback from a customer conversation in a seamless automatic way with the help of sentiment analysis. As soon as a customer conversation is resolved, it starts evaluating the texts into five categories: frustrated, unhappy, neutral, happy, or delighted. Additionally, it provides a concise justification for its analysis, empowering customer experience engineers with actionable insights into customer sentiment. It works on all platforms like PLuG, Slack, or any other medium where customer conversation takes place and provides you with accurate analysis to understand your customers better.

Installing the Sentiment evaluator snap-in

  1. Install the Sentiment evaluator snap-in from the DevRev marketplace.
  2. Select the dev org to install the snap-in, confirm installation, and click Deploy snap-in.

The feedback from the Sentiment evaluator is only be visible to the dev users of your organization.

Sentiment evaluator