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Sep 15 to Oct 12, 2023

3 new enhancements

What's new

  • Airdrop Jira DevRev's Airdrop Jira now supports per-type mapping, enabling the import and synchronization of data between DevRev and Jira, including all unique types with matching statuses and fields. Note: Previously imported projects need to be upgraded to the new version by deleting the import and reimporting. Future syncs may fail unless the import is upgraded. To upgrade to the new version, go to Settings > Imports > Past Imports, select the import's action menu , and Delete Import.

    🛈 For more information about Airdrop Jira, refer to the following article: Jira import | Documentation

  • Airdrop Reporting & Notifications Airdrop will now notify the import/sync owner if their attention is required, such as when an import requires mapping or an ongoing sync fails.

  • Customer Portal SSO Introducing single sign-on (SSO) for the DevRev Customer Portal, a streamlined solution for organizations to simplify their customer authentication and authorization, decrease password-related support requests, and ensure uniform access policies across their applications and DevRev.