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Jul 20 to Aug 16, 2023

3 new enhancements; 5 resolved issues

What's new

  • [PLuG Widget] We’ve updated our docs with information about the PLuG’s SDK Methods and Customizations. Dive in for a DIY journey into customizing our widget in ways that are beyond basic no-code native.

  • [Snap-In Platform] This exciting enhancement adds the functionality for users to create their own custom Snap-ins. Now, you have the flexibility to craft your own workflows and processes on top of DevRev.

  • [User, Org Management] Introducing Multi-Workspace Magic! Seamlessly switch workspaces on our Customer Portal with the new workspace picker.

What's fixed

  • [APIs] Our Work-list-post API in the early access API section introduces the ability to filter work based on the date range. Wrangle your work like a pro using actual_close_date and target_close_date fields.

  • [Issue Management] We made creation of child issues a breeze. Update the title, and we’ll take care of the rest.

  • [KB extraction] Never manually duplicate documents from Confluence again! This snap-in seamlessly extracts all pages from your Confluence space, creating articles that populate your knowledge base effortlessly.

  • [Opportunity Management] You can now see associated opportunities from the contact record view.

  • [Support Turing Bot] You can now use the /summarize slash command on tickets with messages from customers