The Slack snap-in lets you scale your customer support in Slack.

🎥 Video: DevRev Slack integration

Installing the Slack snap-in

  1. Install the Slack snap-in from the DevRev Marketplace.
  2. In Install Slack dialog, confirm the installation.
  3. Enable the features you want and fill in the configurations.

You can find a Slack channel ID by going to channel details.

  1. In DevRev app, setup the connection in Settings > Snap-ins > Connections on top.
    • Search and choose an existing connection or create a new one by clicking + Connection.
    • Select Slack from the dowpdown list.
    • Give it a name and sign in with Slack. Ensure to toggle on Make public to make the connection public for your organization.

This requires the user to establish a connection to Slack and have permission to install Slack Apps. Depending on your Slack workspace settings, you may need to ask an administrator to establish the connection or approve your installation request.

Create and manage tickets using Slack

Invite the DevRev bot to the channel from which you want to create DevRev tickets by mentioning DevRev on the channel (@DevRev) or by typing /invite @DevRev. You need to invite the DevRev bot to every channel where you want to create tickets and sync with DevRev. Slack threads do not sync with the ticket if the DevRev bot is not added to the channel.

Link customer account to Slack connect channel

To link a account in a connect channel, type /devrev link command and choose the account that you wish to link the channel to.

Creating a ticket in a Slack-connected channel can now be done silently by unchecking Send Updates and Sync Thread.

Create tickets

You can create tickets in DevRev from Slack messages. To activate this feature in a private channel, you need to invite the @DevRev bot. You can create tickets in Slack by either of the following methods:

Create a ticket from a Slack message or a thread

  1. Hover over a message in Slack and select the (More Actions) menu.
  2. Select Create a ticket. If you don’t see the option, click on More message shortcuts and search for Create a ticket.
  3. Fill in the required fields.
  4. Submit the form.

If ticket creation was initiated from an existing thread, the form appears at the bottom of the thread.

If ticket creation was initiated from a new message on the channel, the form can be found in the thread of the message.


Slack does not show any indicator that a form was opened. You need to manually open the thread by clicking the Reply in thread option of the message to see the form.

Create a ticket with a slash command

  1. Enter /devrev create-ticket to create a ticket.
  2. Fill in the required fields.
  3. Submit the form.
  • Slack doesn't support slash commands in threads.
  • If the channel is private and the bot is not invited to the channel, ticket creation will not work. You can invite the bot by using /invite @devrev.

Filling out the ticket creation form

Field NameExampleDetailsMandatory
TitlePayment gateway currency conversion issue.This is AI generated from the messages present in the entire thread.Y
DescriptionThe payment gateway is experiencing issues with currency conversion, resulting in incorrect or inconsistent conversion rates being applied. We need to investigate and resolve the currency conversion issue to ensure accurate payment processing.This is AI generated from the messages present in the entire thread.Y
PartPayment gatewayList of Products and Capabilities by default with the ability to search for any part name.Y
OwnerJohn RomeroPre-filled with the user creating the ticket. Can be configured through routing rules on the app.Y
SeverityHighOne of the four values - Blocker, High, Medium, Low.Y
CustomerUmbrella CorpName of the customer on behalf of which the ticket is being created. This is auto-populated in the case of Slack connect channels if the customer account is linked to the channel. For internal channels, the user can search for the name of the customer account.N

Linking tickets to Slack conversations from DevRev

When a ticket is linked to a conversation that was created from Slack in DevRev, a new message is sent on the channel indicating a ticket was created along with the details of the ticket. The ticket’s thread syncs to the customer messages of the ticket.

Enable conversation sync for Slack connect channels

Toggle on Sync conversations from Slack to DevRev in the Configurations tab to automatically create and sync conversations from Slack connect channels. A conversation is created in DevRev when a user sends a message on the Slack connect channel. Replies to the conversation from DevRev are sent back to the thread of the original message of the end user.

The rolling window for Slack connect channels

If a user sends multiple messages on the Slack connect channel, all messages sent within a span of five minutes are added to the same conversation.

Every new message sent on the channel resets the 5 minute window. If a user directly sends a message on the channel, that also resets the rolling window. A message sent in the thread of an existing message is not counted as new. Replies by the customer experience engineer from the DevRev app are always be sent to the thread of the first message of the user that started the conversation.


Attachments from the entire thread are automatically added to the ticket’s description at the time of ticket creation. Attachments sent from the app in customer messages or internal discussions are sent as separate messages on Slack. This is due to a technical limitation with Slack.

Subscribing to updates on your parts

You can configure a specific Slack channel to receive notifications from DevRev for updates on one or more parts of your product.

The following notifications are sent to the Slack channel:

  • Any issue on a part is updated.
  • New issue linked to a part.
  • A part is updated.

You can use the following commands:

/devrev sub <part display ID or link>Subscribe a Slack channel to updates for a DevRev part and issues linked to it.
/devrev view-subsView active DevRev part subscriptions for a Slack channel.
/devrev unsub <part display id or link>Unsubscribe a Slack channel to updates for a DevRev part and issues linked to it.

Share and view work details

You can share the details of work (tickets or issues) or view them privately with the /devrev Slack command. To activate this feature in a private channel, you need to invite the @DevRev bot.

Share work details

Run /devrev send-view TKT-# or /devrev send-view ISS-#. You can include up to five space-separated items, for example: /devrev send-view TKT-# ISS-# TKT-#.

Privately view work details

Run /devrev view TKT-# or /devrev view ISS-#. You can include up to five space-separated items, for example: /devrev view TKT-# ISS-# TKT-#.

Receive notifications on Slack from DevRev

You can receive Slack notifications for various DevRev events. To receive notifications in a private channel, you need to invite the @DevRev bot.

  1. Go to Settings > Integrations > Snap-ins > Slack.
  2. On the Configuration tab, fill in the options to enable notifications.

During the lifecycle of a ticket, some updates are automatically sent to Slack from DevRev. These are sent only for tickets that were shared with everyone. The following DevRev notifications are supported:

  • A new ticket is created, two notifications are sent.

    • Notifications are sent in the thread of the original message from which the ticket was created and in the thread of the ticket on Slack, tagging all the users who were part of the original thread. This is done to inform them that a ticket has been created for them. Set Notify on new ticket creation to turn on the notifications.

    Additionally, a notification is sent to a ticket’s thread when a ticket moves to In progress, Closed or is reopened after it was closed. Toggle on/off Notify on ticket state update from your Slack snap-in configuration for state updates.

  • A new conversation is created.

    • Set Enable the conversation notification feature.
  • A customer replies to an existing conversation.

    • Set Enable the conversation notification feature.
    • icon

      After a notification is sent for a new reply, it does not send another for the same conversations for at least 10 minutes.

  • An object (ticket, issue, part, or opportunity) is mentioned in Slack.

    • Set Notify for DevRev object mentions to send a notification whenever an object is mentioned on Slack (the link to that object is pasted in Slack), DevRev will send a comment on the object informing that the object was mentioned in Slack.
  1. Provide the ID of the Slack channel dedicated to receiving notifications about new DevRev inbox conversations. You can find this channel ID by clicking on the channel name, scrolling to the bottom of the dialog containing details about the channel, and locating it under the About section.
  2. Click Save > Next on the Configuration tab.
  3. Invite the DevRev Slack bot to the channel to allow it to post notification messages. You can do so by @mentioning it in a message sent through the message composer.

Updating existing tickets from Slack

For a given ticket, user can update the severity of the ticket directly from Slack.

List of available commands

Enter /devrev help to display a list of available commands and their descriptions.