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Aug 17 to Sep 14, 2023

3 new enhancements; 4 resolved issues

What's new

  • Nudges Nudges are a great way to engage and nurture your customers. The DevRev Nudges feature provides a simple, convenient platform that allows you to configure different types of nudges, set different engagement actions, and specify detailed rules for showcasing this to your users. Not only can nudges be useful for notifying users of important items like outages, new features, or news, but it may also be used to help nurture a user in growth cases.

    🛈 For more information about Nudges, refer to the following article: Nudges | The Book of DevRev

  • Part customization This enhancement enables customization on parts, allowing users to create and update custom fields through the UI.

  • Trails We have improved the Trails feature to help align your team on product vision and plan improvements. With the latest updates, Trails will be the place to conceptualize your roadmap, visualize your product's direction, and present your roadmap for the next cycle to stakeholders. Here’s the latest and greatest in Trails. Sort and filter: you can now apply filter and sort for each column in trails. Filtering by owner and stage can help locate the data you need much faster. Part nodes can be sorted alphabetically or based on event dates. Search navigation: our global and localized search bars in each column of Trails now navigate directly to the node for that searched part, saving you time and effort. Richer part nodes: trails just got a whole lot better with the ability to customize which fields show up on each part node. You can enrich part nodes by selecting additional info like owner and stage.

What's fixed

  • Airdrop Jira DevRev's Airdrop Jira now supports per-type mapping, enabling the import and synchronization of data between DevRev and Jira, including all unique types with matching statuses and fields. See the Jira snap-in docs for upgrade details.

  • Build Automations Added automated reminders for approaching due dates on work items like tickets, issues, enhancements, tasks and opportunities as a part of convergence snap-in.

  • Improving Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) Add the ticket ID, title, and description in the CSAT survey sent through email.

  • Issue Management Fixed the problem of child issues appearing twice (once outside and once indented under the parent issue) to improve readability.