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DevRev has taken a platform approach to converging business infrastructure, which we call the AgentOS, for the operating system that supports both human agents and AI agents. At the core of this operating system is a knowledge graph that brings all people and work (and users and activities) together around two core dimensions β€” customer and product.

πŸ”— Platform

DevRev's platform seamlessly connects identities (user, developer, support engineer, PM) and parts (product, capabilities, features, APIs) by interweaving design and artificial intelligence. This results in intelligent routing, classification, and prioritization of all work, including conversations, tickets, issues, enhancements, and opportunities (glossary), maximizing productivity and minimizing customer churn.

πŸŽ₯ Video: DevRev OneCRM Overview

πŸ› οΈ Apps

DevRev’s platform integrates all departments with a customizable CRM, serverless workflow engine, and a bot-supported collaborative experience comprising two native apps: Support and Build.

Streamline customer support with product-centric customer support, featuring an in-app GPT bot, semantic search, clustering for noise reduction, product and user analytics, and real-time notifications for seamless collaboration between teams and end-users.

Revolutionize your product development with customer-centric software development powered by real-time pathways between GitHub transactions, backend issues, product enhancements, customer tickets, and user conversations. Our platform makes product teams more efficient and customer-centric and syncs seamlessly with Jira's legacy issues.

To learn about the apps, check out the onboarding page for each app by clicking **Onboarding > ** located at the bottom of the app.


🧩 Snap-ins

Add-on modules for DevRev, called snap-ins, are available on the Marketplace. Snap-ins are one of three types. Integrations let you connect DevRev with existing systems such as Slack and Jira. Automations perform tasks within DevRev based on events, like responding to customer conversations and linking tickets and issues. Airdrop helps you bring data from external sources to DevRev and keep them in sync.

While numerous snap-ins are available and more are in development, you can create your own using DevRev APIs.