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May 22 to Jun 05, 2023

3 new enhancements; 6 resolved issues

What's new

  • [New User Experience - Onboarding Wizard] We're excited to announce an enhanced user onboarding experience with several improvements aimed at helping new users get started quickly and efficiently. This update brings a new Onboarding page, accessible from the bottom of the left navigation menu, providing convenient access to essential resources, documentation, and product walkthrough tours. We'll continue to update the onboarding page with DevRev's latest features, so check back often.

  • [PLuG Customization] Now, when you make changes to the PLuG widget's settings, presto! You can preview them immediately in our app.

  • [AI Assist] Set a reminder (/remind), rephrase your reply to a customer (/rephrase), summarize a conversation (/summarize), or clone a record (/clone) with just a simple slash command. Install this snap-in from our Marketplace and slash your workload with commands powered by Turing AI.

What's fixed

  • [Airdrop Zendesk] We introduced documentation for Zendesk Airdrop to make it easier to migrate your data from Zendesk to DevRev.

  • [Documentation Website] Document how to setup ZenDesk connection and copy data.

  • [Email Integration] Our email integration was stuck in the past. 1970 to be exact. Conversations initiated from email were showing a long past date by default. We fixed it.

  • [Notifications] If you've enabled ticket creation for your customers through the Support Portal, we'll send you an email notification whenever they post a comment on the ticket. You won't miss a beat.

  • [Snap-In Platform] Automations powered by Snap-Kit and connections to third-party apps now have real-time response support. This allows for improved customization and seamless user experience when creating records from apps and workflows using shortcuts.

  • [Support Inbox] Ever had an attachment fail to upload and wonder why? We added an alert system that notifies you when a file size exceeds the email limits. For conversations initiated by email, the attachment size is now limited to 15 MB, which is a standard supported by emails. Stay within the limits and ensure smooth communication in your inbox.