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StageFlow Automator

The StageFlow Automator is a custom snap-in that allows you to configure custom stages between tickets and issues/enhancements. You can also configure the stage transition whenever a message is given by a customer or a support team member. It also sends notifications to the ticket owner based on its stage changes.


For more information, refer to the StageFlow Automator snap-in on the DevRev marketplace.


  1. In DevRev, go to Settings > Snap-ins and click Explore Marketplace in the top-right corner.
  2. In the DevRev marketplace, find StageFlow Automator and click Install.


You need to create a mapping between the tickets and issues/enhancement stages so that when the stage of an issue changes then the changes are also reflected accordingly in issues/enhancements.

  1. Create the mapping in the CSV file in the format given below. The CSV file should contain the following columns:

    • Ticket Subtype
    • Issue Stage or Enhancement Stage
    • Ticket Stage

    Refer to the default stages documentation for each product feature:

You can only create either ticket-issue mapping or ticket-enhancement mapping at a time in a single CSV file.

CSV file format


Custom stages and subtypes are organization-specific.

  • Tickets and issues
    csv tickets and issues
  • Tickets and enhancements
    csv tickets and enhancements
  1. In the snap-in Discussions tab, enter /UploadCSV and upload the CSV file you created for mapping before.

  2. Go to the Configuration tab and view the mapping that was created using the CSV file.

  3. You can also configure what stage the ticket must go to depending on the message given by a customer or dev user. To do that, enter /StageConfig in the snap-in Discussions tab. Select the values from the dropdown for the stage transition whenever a message is given by a customer or dev user.

  4. You can now go to Issues or Roadmap and make updates. The tickets that were linked to the issue or enhancement reflect the changes you configured in the CSV file, notifying the ticket owner.