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Apr 22 to May 22, 2023

12 new enhancements; 18 resolved issues

What's new

  • [Airdrop Salesforce Service Cloud] Streamline development and customer support with this snap-in. Our 1-time import allows you to effortlessly import all relevant account, user, and case data from Salesforce into DevRev. Say goodbye to the days of tedious data transfers.

  • [Knowledge Base Management] We added functionality to index knowledge base articles imported from any external source. Now, our intelligent Turing bot can search through these articles and generate accurate and appropriate answers to customer questions.

  • [MFZ] This change to our access control service lets your support team manage access to tickets on the customer portal.

  • [PLuG Banner] Great customer success is a 2-way street. Your customers reach out when they need help, but you have lots to share with them too. Banners allow you to spread the word about release notes, event information, or anything else through our widget. The best part? No-code and you can customize however you'd like.

  • [PLuG Platform]

    • While we think PLuG is pretty great, it wasn't all that simple for customers to install and configure. Now, it's much easier and doesn't require a developer.
    • Booking a meeting is crucial for capturing and converting leads. You can now enable a card on your support widget that encourages users and prospects to book a meeting with your team—no code required.
    • It's useful to be able to mark a conversation as concluded, so that the customer and the support team doesn't have to deal with clutter. However, you might also want to see what conversations have happened in the past. Now, you can see concluded work in the PLuG widget.
  • [PLuG Widget A La Carte] Support teams can configure and choose which cards are shown on the PLuG widget from our UI—assistance from a developer not required.

  • [Part Enhancements] We made it easier to fold your shiny new product enhancements into your existing product, plus added support for staged releases like Limited and General Availiability. But wait, there’s more! You can now create new product enhancements from AI clustered tickets to sniff out the most crucial insights from your users.

  • [Parts] We improved the Parts list view with a group-by function and new attributes (such as tags and created by) for better tracking and visibility. Plus, automatic creation of your product roadmap based on which stage your new product enhancements are in.

  • [Sprint mode] DevRev offers a lightweight development methodology called Now, Next, Later that brings customer-centricity to software development. But if your organization prefers traditional agile (we get it, old habits die hard), you now have the option to manage development work in sprints. With DevRev, you get the best of both worlds.

  • [Support Portal (Help Center)] Our immersive customer portal at support.devrev.ai allows users to get answers, create tickets, and learn. Your users can now search through all your knowledge base articles from within the portal, plus your DevRev admin can control exactly what functionality users see in the portal.

What's fixed

  • [Airdrop Jira]

    • Two-way sync between Jira and DevRev didn't start when you told it to under certain cases.
    • And then after all that, when you did get it running, it would get stuck. So much for that. We made sure that wouldn't happen.
  • [Airdrop Platform] Notifications are great until you get hundreds for the same thing, right? We're learning how to ensure notifications are always personal and relevant. This fixed too many notifications when importing data.

  • [Airdrop Salesforce Service Cloud] We added a warning to the Salesforce Airdrop when a user with insufficient Salesforce access attempts an import to keep them in check. Caught ya!

  • [Airdrop Zendesk] It wasn’t your fault, but time seemed to not be on our side. We’ve fixed a pesky timeout error with Zendesk 1-way sync. If you are ready to make a move, now is the time!

  • [Auto Parts Attribution on Conversation] Automatic part attribution to conversations was slacking off on the job and failing to suggest a part. We gave it a pep talk, and now it’s back on track.

  • [External Comments on Ticket, convo Relationship Improvement] Who needs redundant conversations, right? Your customers can create tickets directly and in that case, we won’t automatically create a conversation.

  • [Notifications]

    • Users were incorrectly being shown as deactivated in email notifications. We’ve given them the VIP status they deserve and fixed that bug.
    • We also jazzed up the order and formatting of email notifications to make them easier to follow.
  • [PLuG Customization] The PLu… got cut off on small screens. Now, all screens get the full PLuG experience.

  • [PLuG Widget] The PLuG widget was too leisurely in updating recent messages. We gave it a caffeine boost.

  • [PLuG Widget A La Carte] We believe in making friends—even with unauthenticated users. That’s why we now kindly ask them who they are before we start a chat. It’s a chance to make new connections or greet old pals. Win-win!

  • [Parts] When assigning a work item to a part, a user was able to select a part that had been deleted. We fixed that. No more zombie parts.

  • [RevU Management] Regrettably, sometimes you and a customer may have to part ways. When that does happen, you can remove the user from the customer org in the UI.

  • [Slack App]

    • When someone shares a ticket in a Slack channel, a summary should be embedded. (Does not apply to Slack Connect channels since you wouldn't want to run the risk of oversharing.)
    • Sometimes when you tried to create a ticket from Slack the modal wouldn't show up. It's better now.
  • [Slack for Support]

    • Shh, creating a ticket in a Slack connected channel can now be done silently by unchecking "Send Updates" and "Sync Thread".
    • And hey, assigning ownership is really important! An owner can now be assigned when creating a ticket through Slack.