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The roadmap feature empowers product managers to effectively track the progress of their products, especially enhancements. It serves as a valuable tool for project management and strategic planning. Using the roadmap, you can:

Tracking with list view

  • Follow the current progress of your enhancements in Now by using Stage and Target close date by which you can predict the time it might take to finish.

  • Track customer requests through tickets, opportunities, and potential revenue which are linked to each enhancement that evaluates the total customer impact. Prioritize enhancements based on customer impact, evaluation of tickets, and issues in Next, gaining insights into customer needs, and estimating the required work.

  • Follow up with ideas for enhancements that are prioritized next in Later. You can change the stage from Ideation to Prioritized when it's ready to be developed and bring it to Next.

  • Group the enhancements by Created by, Stage, and, Type or by adding any filter and save your roadmap by clicking Save as on the top right corner.

  • Customize the view of the roadmap by going to Customize and selecting the filters you want to add to your roadmap.


Tracking with Gantt view

  • Visualize the timeline by replacing the traditional list view with the dynamic Gantt view for a comprehensive perspective of enhancements.

  • Evaluate completed enhancements by comparing actual start and close dates, providing insights into project completion efficiency.

  • Identify planned issues with the Gantt view, highlighting cases where actual close dates differ from planned close dates. Refine future planning strategies based on these insights.

  • Optimize resource allocation by analyzing the scope of enhancements; reallocate resources based on completed tasks and optimize future planning.

  • Plan unplanned enhancements by adding target dates directly within the Gantt view.

  • Switch between multiple views (day, month, and year) for a granular or broad overview of your roadmap.

  • Create custom roadmaps by changing filters to focus on specific aspects of your roadmap. Save your customized views by clicking Save as on the top right corner.

  • Dynamically adjust schedules within the Gantt view. Optimize your timeline based on project priorities and completion estimates.

  • Link customer requests (tickets) to in-development features to get an estimate of customer impact.