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Nov 10 to Dec 07, 2023

6 new enhancements; 5 resolved issues

What's new

  • Airdrop Manage Recipe When performing a new Zendesk import, stages will now be created in DevRev to match those of the Zendesk organization being imported.

  • Airdrop Manage Recipe This enhancement eliminates stage mapping for work-type objects (tickets, issues, opportunities, etc.) when migrating if DevRev’s stages don’t align with the external system’s. The mapping process will be replaced by simply creating new subtypes in DevRev that match the external system’s stages 1:1.

  • Bitbucket Our Bitbucket connection now displays Git events in the event timeline and maps Git events to issue stages. All you have to do is provide the issue ID number in the PR or branch.

  • Custom Fields Both iOS and Android users can now view the custom fields in the record details.

  • Roadmap We're excited to announce our new Gantt View feature! This update is designed to provide you with a more comprehensive and dynamic perspective of your project timelines, enhancing both planning and execution efficiency.

    Key features and benefits:

    1. Dynamic Gantt View: Replace traditional lists with a vivid Gantt view for an all-encompassing project timeline.

    2. Efficiency Analysis: Spot discrepancies in planned vs. actual close dates directly in the Gantt view, refining your future planning strategies.

    3. Resource Optimization: Analyze and reallocate resources effectively based on the scope and progress of enhancements.

    4. Multiple Viewing Options: Switch between day, month, and year views for a tailored roadmap overview.

    5. Custom Roadmaps: Create and save customized roadmaps with various filters to focus on specific project elements.

    6. Schedule Adjustments: Dynamically modify timelines within the Gantt view to prioritize and optimize project delivery.

  • Roadmap We are thrilled to introduce two revolutionary features in our product management suite:

    1. Enhanced Visibility on Customer Requests: Now, directly link customer requests to specific features under development. View comprehensive details including the customers who raised these requests and the associated sales opportunities.

    2. Data-Driven Prioritization: Implement a new customer impact score for prioritization, utilizing objective data like account details, ticket severity, SLA countdown, and potential revenue from open opportunities.

    These enhancements are designed to bring customer feedback to the forefront of your product development process, ensuring that every feature you develop is closely aligned with customer needs and market demands.

    👉 For more information about Roadmap, refer to the following article: Roadmap

  • Slack App This enhancement migrates our Slack Snap-in from rego to JavaScript and adds additional functionality. We now support more notifications based on Slack rules, sync every conversation from Slack Connect channels, and users can create issues in addition to tickets.

    👍👍👍 Added at the request of multiple customers!

    👉 For more information about Slack App, refer to the following article: Slack

What's fixed

  • Airdrop Manage Recipe This fix ensures Zendesk and DevRev ticket custom fields stay in sync.

  • CMS This fix makes knowledge base article management even easier.

  • Conversation and ticket management If a ticket is forwarded via email and there's no customer on the email thread, we'll now create a ticket and sync the email messages on the customer messages tab of the email.

  • Field Component Deprecation This fix includes improvements to our record view panel for work-type objects (tickets, issues, etc.).

  • Timeline & Snap-in Localization If you're using the Spanish language PLuG, the bot will now also comment in Spanish.