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Follow-up ticket

The Follow-up ticket snap-in automatically creates follow-up tickets if a customer comments on permanently closed tickets. It allows you to configure the time after which a ticket stage should be marked as closed and creates a new follow-up ticket along with all the attachments and a custom message to let the customers know that the ticket is permanently closed automatically if required.


For more information, refer to the Follow-up ticket snap-in on the DevRev marketplace.

Let’s say your ticket has the following stages under the Closed state: Resolved, Archived, Accepted, Canceled. Archived is the terminal stage. Now if a customer sends a new email or adds a new comment on the archived ticket from the customer portal, the archived ticket remains archived and a follow-up ticket is created. A message is added to the archived ticket automatically based on your configuration. The follow-up ticket will have the reference of the archived ticket in the first message so that your customer knows why a new ticket was created. The following fields are automatically set on the follow-up ticket based on the archived ticket:

  • Owner
  • Title
  • Customer
  • Reported By
  • Tag is_followup In addition, the tag has_followup is added to the archived ticket.


  • Before you install this snap-in, you need to set the Stage in closed state as a terminal stage or permanently closed stage. That is, once the ticket is moved to this stage, it cannot be reopened.


    None of the default stages are terminal stages.

  • To create a new terminal stage, contact DevRev via the PLuG widget (chat bubble) on the bottom left of your home screen of the DevRev app. Just say “I would like to add a terminal stage on my tickets” and we will get it done.

  • If no terminal stage is set, tickets will reopen on new comments from customers if Reopen Closed Tickets on customer message is enabled in the convergence snap-in. The tickets move to the In Progress state by default.

  • If you connected your support email address with DevRev, it is recommended that you enable the Allow automations to send email in your email integration snap-in. This is to ensure that your customer receives an email about the follow-up ticket creation.


  1. In DevRev, go to Settings > Snap-ins and click Explore Marketplace in the top-right corner.
  2. In the DevRev marketplace, find Follow-up ticket and click Install.