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The DevRev Grow app is a unified platform for support, customer success, sales, and product teams in SaaS to collaborate and optimize customer lifetime value.

The Grow app accomplishes this by democratizing data, creating a holistic customer 360-degree profile, and fostering a company-wide culture of customer centricity. To maintain a coherent customer journey, it constructs a knowledge graph of customer data across product-led user interactions, sales-led customer engagements, and automated touchpoints.


💼 Account

An account represents a customer organization, and it holds information about the company, including its name, address, industry, domain, and website address.

DevRev leverages convergence to link DevRev accounts with other DevRev entities, including tickets, conversations, opportunities, workspaces, and engagements. This linking offers a 360-degree view of an account across sales, customer success, and support. To enable real-time collaboration among employees from different departments on an account, it provides a discussion timeline.

You can use a customizable set of states and stages to manage the lifecycle of an account, from prospect to customer to churned.

🖥️ Workspace

A workspace represents an instance of a signed-up organization on your application. A workspace is also known as rev-org in the DevRev API. Customers can create multiple workspaces on your application. Therefore, you can link multiple workspaces to a single account. This allows us to consolidate various workspaces under one account.

In modern SaaS applications, customers often create multiple workspaces for testing, production, and staging. All entities that drive support workflows—such as creating tickets, conversations, and SLAs—are linked to workspaces.

💡 Opportunity

An opportunity record represents a potential source of revenue for your organization. Opportunities feature customizable states and stages that communicate their position within the sales pipeline.

If an account has multiple sales opportunities, you can connect multiple opportunities to it. You can also associate tickets with opportunities to signal the necessary development work for closing the opportunity. Likewise, linked conversations represent dialogues between a sales representative and a customer concerning the opportunity's closure.

Opportunities incorporate a discussion timeline to support real-time collaboration in advancing an opportunity. They play a pivotal role in prioritizing development enhancements.

👥 Contact

A contact record represents individual prospects or users associated with an organization's workspaces or accounts. A contact is also known as a rev-user in the DevRev API.

Contacts represent customers, leads, and stakeholders with whom a business interacts. Contacts can be associated with an account or workspace, but not always.

🤝 Engagement

DevRev uses engagements to capture all interactions between employees and customers, encompassing communications across various channels and touchpoints. DevRev records these interactions to create a comprehensive picture of the relationship.

Based on their participation, DevRev links accounts, contacts, and employees to engagements. Additionally, they can be linked to opportunities if they are relevant to a specific opportunity.