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Google Calendar

Integrate Google Calendar with DevRev

Elevate your scheduling efficiency and supercharge client interactions with DevRev's Google Calendar snap-in. This snap-in is meticulously designed to seamlessly integrate with Google Calendar, revolutionizing how you manage appointments and engagements within the DevRev ecosystem.


For more information, refer to the Google Calendar snap-in on the DevRev marketplace.

Let's set up Google Calendar for you


  1. Go to the Snap-ins section within your DevRev workspace settings.

  2. Click Explore Marketplace.

  3. Search for Google Calendar and click Install next to the Google Calendar snap-in.

  4. In DevRev app, setup the connection in Settings > Snap-ins > Connections on top.

    • Search and choose an existing connection or create a new one by clicking + Connection.
    • Select Google Calendar from the dowpdown list.
    • Give it a name and sign in with Google Calendar. Ensure to toggle on Make public to make the connection public for your organization.
  5. Update the snap-in configurations as needed.

    • Calendar ID: ID of Google calendar to be synced to DevRev. The default is primary.

    • Add non-existing customers: Enable this to allow people in meeting that are not customer to be added as a customer.

      If a meeting is scheduled with people who are not a dev user and neither a customer, this option allows them to be added as customer.

    • Track meetings from free email domains: Enable this feature to capture meetings scheduled by non-work email addresses, such as those from gmail.com or yahoo.com.

    • Recurring days: Number of days in advance for recurring events to be synced. Default is 7 days.

      The recurring events inside the specified advance days are created, that is, if 7 days is specified, then all recurring events in next 7 days are created.

    • Sync email required: If specified, only events containing specified email address get synced.

  6. Deploy the snap-in.

  7. Enter /GoogleCalendarStart in the snap-in's Discussions tab on the right.

  8. In the Discussions tab, you can see a message Google Calendar integration completed on successful start.