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Ticket age in engineering

Ticket age in engineering offers the ability to track how much time tickets spend on engineering, measured by ticket time spent on engineering stages.

The snap-in adds a new attribute to tickets which automatically calculates the time spent on engineering for that ticket. There can be multiple engineering sessions. An engineering session starts when a ticket moves from a non-engineering stage to an engineering stage and it ends when it moves from an engineering stage to a non-engineering stage. You should select which ticket stages reflect engineering work and if the time spent should be shown in hours or days.

Installing the Ticket age in engineering snap-in

  1. Install the Ticket age in engineering from the DevRev marketplace.
  2. Add all of the stage names that reflect that engineering work is planned or is being done for that ticket. The stages you specify are the ones that track time spent on engineering. The default values are the default DevRev engineering stages for tickets.
  3. Select whether time spent on engineering should be displayed in hours or days.
  4. Click Install snap-in.