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External identity provider setup

DevRev can be configured to use external identity providers for SSO.


If you want DevRev to use an external identity provider, follow the instructions for your organization’s provider, then file a support ticket for DevRev to complete the setup.

Before you begin

To register DevRev as a SAML 2.0 application, you need the slug for your dev org. You can find it in DevRev under Settings > General.

For example, if your DevRev App URL is https://app.devrev.ai/myorgslug, then the value of the slug is myorgslug. In the configuration instructions, replace <DEV_ORG_SLUG> with your org's slug.

Identity providers

You can register DevRev as an identity provider in any of the following services.

  1. Log in to Azure Active Directory and select Enterprise applications > + New application.

  2. Search for "Azure AD SAML Toolkit" in the Browse Azure AD Gallery and select it.

  3. Enter DevRev as the name and click Create.

  4. Select Single sign-on > SAML.

  5. Edit the Basic SAML Configuration and enter the following parameters.

    • Identifier (Entity ID): urn:auth0:tf-devrev-prod:<DEV_ORG_SLUG>
    • Reply URL (Assertion Consumer Service URL): https://auth.devrev.ai/login/callback?connection=<DEV_ORG_SLUG>
    • Sign on URL: https://app.devrev.ai/<DEV_ORG_SLUG>
  6. Go to Copy > SAML Certificates and save the App Federation Metadata URL.

  7. In the Azure portal, go to the application named "DevRev" that you created earlier under Enterprise applications. Within the application, go to Users and Groups and assign the users who can access the app.

Once the above steps are completed, file a DevRev support ticket with the SAML metadata, downloaded certificate, or the IdP URL. DevRev customer success completes the setup in your DevRev instance.