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March 2024

Airdrop Jira

  • Issues created in DevRev and synced to Jira now automatically receive the DevRev tag, which is then added as a label to the Jira issue. This distinction helps in identifying issues created via the Airdrop sync as opposed to those created natively in Jira.

    • Tag in DevRev: DevRev tag 
    • Label in Jira: Jira label 

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Manage Recipe

  • Resolved an issue where specific text content within an issue description or other body of text could generate invalid Jira ADF, leading to sync failure.


  • Airdrop syncs from the same system, like Jira, will no longer interfere during user mapping, enhancing efficiency and enabling uninterrupted concurrent syncs.


  • DevRev tickets now include URL links to ServiceNow accounts, contacts, and cases.

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  • The branding of the CSAT survey email has been made generic to ensure that end customers do not associate it with DevRev.

Conversation and Ticket Management

  • Improvement: Changes to the accepted stage validations to enable ticket movement to accepted when linked to an enhancement in ideation or prioritized stage, or when all linked issues are in backlog.

Email Integration

  • Fix: We have increased the attachment limit to 50 for every ticket comment created by and responded to via the Email snap-in.

  • The readability of error messages in the DMARC send email API has been enhanced to facilitate easier troubleshooting.

  • The new email composer now supports organization-wide email signatures configured within the Email snap-in.

  • Fix: Tickets can now be created from emails with subject lines longer than 256 characters. While the ticket title will be a summarized version of the email subject, the original email subject will be maintained to ensure threading remains intact.

  • Introducing improved error reporting for email integration:

    • Gain insights into unprocessed emails due to internal or configuration errors.

    • Dropped emails now appear in the snap-in timeline with a retry feature for seamless synchronization.

    • Customer experience team notified of failed timeline comment emails, enabling quick rectifying and resending.

    • Reduces the risk of data loss and communication gaps between the customer experience team and end customers.

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GitHub Snap-in

  • A new upgraded version of the GitHub snap-in is available, featuring some exciting new features:
    • Manual registration of webhooks during snap-in installation is no longer necessary; we can now automate this process.
    • The snap-in now includes user-level preferences, allowing each developer to choose whether they want automatic issue creation or not.

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Knowledge Base Management

  • The awaited Knowledge Base management feature is now live on DevRev. Write, group, and order articles within multiple collections for improved hierarchy and readability. Host them on our support portal. You can read more about it here.

  • Enable your help center inside the PLuG Widget to ensure seamless access to all help center collections and articles.

  • New callout box feature in our Rich Text Editor highlights warnings, errors, and important information to enhance article visibility.

  • Improved video embedding now supports Loom videos directly within DevRev articles.

  • Introducing AI in the DevRev Articles writing experience. Use Ask AI to adjust text length, grammar, and tone.

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  • Email notifications now come from the updater, featuring the record's title in the subject line for quick context identification.

  • Customer Chat now includes a distinct tag and icon, making it easier to distinguish between customer interactions and internal discussions at a glance.

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Record View

  • Clicking on an image or link within the description no longer switches to edit mode automatically, providing a smoother user experience.

  • Pressing Escape now cancels changes in the description, returning users to view mode, streamlining the editing process, and preventing unintentional closure of the side panel.

  • The search modal now automatically selects your previous search query when reopened, making it easier to modify your search.

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Sprint mode

  • Transition issues across sprint boards seamlessly from any list view. Select multiple issues and select Move from the toolbar to efficiently assign them to your targeted sprint within the desired board.

  • Customize your sprint board view effortlessly! Navigate to the settings panel to select Sort By and Group By options, organizing your sprint board layout to your preferences.

  • Enhance sprint planning with greater control over sprint timelines. Set precise start times in addition to dates, ensuring alignment with your team's workflow. The sprint edit modal now displays precise start and end timestamps for added clarity.

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  • We have enabled alphabetical sorting based on ticket names across all ticket vistas.

  • Easily identify tickets linked or not linked to issues or opportunities using our new Links filter with any of and none of operators in ticket views. Similarly, identify issues linked to tickets from the issues view using the same filter.

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