Tasks are lightweight work items (like personal to-dos) that DevRev offers in addition to the more complex and richer work management records like issues, tickets, and opportunities. Unlike the mentioned work objects, tasks have been designed purposefully to be very simple. You can break down any work item in DevRev into a bunch of tasks to track your daily progress on it. Tasks may be owned by the owner of the work item or by someone else. They may be created automatically from GitHub or by a dev user.

You can also create personal tasks under My Tasks that are not linked to any work item and live outside independently like studying some topic, setting up a meeting, or following up with someone.


You can use this to get your job done, organize your day, and ensure the highest priority work items are always front and center for you. The page has two tabs to show all your open tasks and completed/closed tasks.

Use tasks to:

  • Set due dates for tasks if needed to denote deadlines by when they should be completed.
  • Maintain a checklist of tasks inside a work record or outside and mark the checkbox next to them to denote that they are completed.

For example, if your issue is tracking the work of adding a new API in a service, your tasks linked to that issue can be:

  • Read up on the code of the service
  • Clarify doubts with the tech lead
  • Write the core logic
  • Write unit tests for it
  • Raise a PR

You cannot assign personal tasks to others. Tasks associated with a work record can be assigned to others.


Use child issues and dependency issues for more heavy work assignments to others that are related to your work. Use tasks only for lightweight things like reviewing your work. ::: You cannot see the linked work item (issue, ticket, or opportunity) for a task and can navigate to it directly from there.