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Dec 08 to Jan 08, 2024

7 new enhancements; 12 resolved issues

What's new

  • AirDrop ServiceNow Support Introducing the beta version of ServiceNow import in DevRev, enabling selective data import directly from ServiceNow.

    👉 For more information about AirDrop ServiceNow Support, refer to the following article: ServiceNow import

  • Airdrop Confluence Introducing Confluence import: Convert Confluence pages into DevRev articles to enrich our knowledge base. Now utilize these indexed articles in Turing to enhance customer support and feature them in PLuG or the portal as knowledge base resources.

    👉 For more information about Airdrop Confluence, refer to the following article: Confluence import

  • Airdrop Salesforce Service Salesforce sync can now import opportunities, including related attachments and comments.

    👉 For more information about Airdrop Salesforce Service, refer to the following article: Salesforce import

  • Airdrop SoR integration This enhancement enables Airdrop to create KB articles with attachments in DevRev

  • Slack App We've made several improvements to our Slack integration including: an improved form for ticket creation, conversation management in Slack, notifications when a ticket's stage has been updated, autofilling certain fields based on context from Slack, and more.

    👉 For more information about Slack App, refer to the following article: Slack

  • Turnkey analytics Explore actionable insights and trends in customer experience metrics with our support analytics dashboard. Utilize filters to slice and dice the data, and leverage drill-through functionality by clicking on each widget to delve deeper into the information. The dashboard has metrics for both your tickets and conversations.

    👉 For more information about Turnkey analytics, refer to the following article: Support analytics

  • User Tracking Utilize the PLuG SDK for effective tracking of user interactions. This feature enables you to transmit customized events, defining how users engage with your product or website. Analyze these events to gain insights into product usage metrics, to deploy targeted campaigns, and to equip your customer experience team with precise information about customer interactions.

    👉 For more information about User Tracking, refer to the following article: Track events

What's fixed

  • Accounts Duplicate Detection & Avoidance Our duplicate detection nudge for accounts will now only appear once per session, instead of on every page visit

  • Airdrop Jira Comments created in DevRev are attributed to the original creator and creation time when synced to Jira, but will not be synced from Jira to DevRev after creation

  • Airdrop Jira When using 2-way sync between DevRev and Jira, this fix ensures comments are attributed to the correct user

  • Airdrop Reporting & Notifications We added alerts for the following Airdrop events: sync failed, sync with some failed items, and recipe mapping required

  • Airdrop: Multi-step Recipe Mapping: Choose what data to import/sync We no longer automatically import new subtypes and new optional custom fields from external system during syncs

  • Airdrop: Multi-step Recipe Mapping: Choose what data to import/sync This fix makes it easier to use your custom fields from Zendesk in DevRev

  • Airdrop: Multi-step Recipe Mapping: Choose what data to import/sync This fix includes several changes that make it easier to select and manage fields when doing an import

  • Macro Replies Updated Spanish macros.

  • RevUser Management - Leads, Contacts and Users This feature allows you to move Contacts from one Account to another.

  • Search If you're using our Jira integration, this improvement gives you the ability to search issues and tickets in DevRev by their Jira ID

  • Support Inbox When creating a ticket from a conversation, we'll now auto populate the title and description based on the conversation

  • User, Org Management This enables auto membership for new Support Portal users