The Inbox at Support > Inbox is a vista where conversations started by visitors or existing users are found.

Customers can start conversations from the PLuG widget installed on your website/app or through other channels (such as email and Slack) if you have set them up.

Customer experience engineers can respond to conversations from the Inbox. Their responses are sent through the same channel as the customer used to start the conversation.


The Inbox sorts conversations into three categories:

  • Primary: Conversations started by verified customers.
  • Guest: Conversations started by a user that is not verified as a customer.
  • Spam: Conversations that appear to be malicious, fraudulent, or otherwise invalid. If a conversation is erroneously categorized as spam, you can open it and mark it as Not spam.

Slash commands are available inside conversations to assist customer experience engineers with managing the conversation. To get a list of the available commands, type / in the response text box in a conversation.

Slash commands