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Routing is the process of determining the appropriate group of individuals responsible for handling a conversation or ticket. It ensures that inquiries are directed to the right team for efficient resolution. For more information about managing groups, refer to Groups.

Supported routing scenarios

  • Time: Assign tickets or conversations based on their time of creation. This is especially useful when teams operate across different time zones.

  • Content: Route inquiries to teams with expertise in specific parts of your product.

  • Attribute: Customize ticket routing based on specific attributes or custom parameters relevant to your workflow.


Assignment complements routing by identifying the owner of a conversation or ticket within the designated team. The owner is responsible for resolving the inquiry.

Assignment Scenarios

  • Load: New requests are assigned to team members with the fewest open requests to distribute the workload evenly.

  • Availability: Assign new requests exclusively to users who have set their status as "online" on DevRev.

  • Custom: Tailor assignment criteria to your needs, such as routing based on time, specific content parts, or other attributes that reflect the skills of your team members.

Customer escalation

Customers may occasionally require escalations for urgent issues or requests that need special attention. Escalation is the customer's way of signaling that a particular ticket warrants immediate action.