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Groups allow a member to subscribe to certain types of notifications and give control over permissions.

Currently there are four groups: admin, member, support, and guest defined below.

Group Types

  • Admins is a group for all organization admins. It includes the necessary privileges to manage the platform configuration, integrations, and other administrative items. Only an admin can promote another user to admin.
  • Members is a group for all internal employees. It includes default privileges to do common operations.
  • Support is a group for all members of the extended support team. This may include customer success and sales. Only members of this group receive updates about conversations in the PLuG inbox.
  • Guests is a group for all external customers. It includes privileges to create customer inquiries.

Edit Group Membership

To manage members of these groups, go to Settings > Groups. You will see tabs for Admin, Members, Support, and Guests where you can find the members of the respective groups.
If you are an admin, you can add or remove yourself or other admins and support users from the admin and support group respectively. If you are a support user, you can add and remove yourself and other users from the support group from the support tab. If a dev user is removed from the support group, they will still be part of the members group. They can later be added back to the support group if needed.

Coming Soon

  • Support specific permissions for the Support group
  • Additional and custom groups
  • Custom permissions for groups and individual members