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Turing AI agent

The Turing AI agent can be used to deflect user queries in conversation or to suggest articles from your knowledge base for resolving tickets.


For Turing bot to suggest articles, you need to upload articles to your DevRev instance. Refer to articles for more information.

Once you have added your knowledge base, Turing can be switched on in two modes: suggestion or auto-response. You can configure Turing in Settings > Turing Answers and turn on the Turing Answers toggle.

Suggestion mode

Turing only suggests an answer to the user query. You can accept the answer and send it to the user or make edits.

Auto response mode

Turing automatically replies to the user query before it gets assigned to support. It goes through the knowledge base (articles and QAs), generates an answer, and checks with the user if the answer is useful or not. If the user marks the answer as useful, Turing resolves the conversation. If not, Turing either creates a ticket or routes the conversation using the specified routing rule. If Turing doesn't understand the query, it gives the user an option to rephrase the question and ask again. Turing asks the user if they have more questions before resolving the conversation.