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Automate opportunities

Automate opportunities snap-in helps you automate the following features on opportunities to eliminate updating the fields manually and to enhance data consistency:

  • Auto-fills the forecast categories on the opportunities based on status updates. Enable this feature to keep the Forecast Category field on opportunities updated in sync with their current stage, as per the stage to forecast category mapping configured in the automation.
  • Auto-fills the Probability field on opportunities based on their current stage. Enable this feature to auto-update opportunity probabilities based on the stage to probability mapping configured in the automation.


  1. In DevRev, go to Settings > Snap-ins and click Explore Marketplace in the top-right corner.
  2. In the DevRev marketplace, find Automate opportunities and click Install.


  1. To configure the snap-in, type /AutomateOpportunityConfig in the Discussions tab of the snap-in.

configuration menu

  1. Fill the required fields and click Submit.