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Jun 20 to Jul 05, 2023

7 new enhancements; 4 resolved issues

What's new

  • [Auth on Ext Services - Cellarman] Snap-ins now fully support private connections, providing you with an even higher level of security. Rest assured that unauthorized users won’t be able to access your connection.

  • [Build Automations] Keep product enhancements and work in sync through timely reminders to link your work to ongoing enhancements and to move enhancements to “In progress” when any related work is moved to “In progress”. We’ll also automatically subscribe your customer experience engineers to relevant product enhancements, ensuring they stay up to date on your product and can confidently handle any customer inquiry that comes their way.

  • [MFZ] We added the ability for admins to create custom groups and define owners for those groups.

  • [Public Marketplace] You can now enjoy seamless use of both the DevRev app and the Marketplace without needing to repeatedly log in when switching tabs.

  • [Snap-In] We improved the Snap-in installation process with clearer and more helpful error messages. Snap-in users can also now interact and discuss topics directly within the settings page through the shiny new discussion section.

  • [Snap-In Platform] If you are building Snap-ins, you can now fetch snap-in logs with CLI to monitor or debug. More power to the builders!

  • [CLI] Introducing the DevRev CLI, equipped with powerful features for seamless management of works, users, parts, tags, and more. Experience enhanced control and productivity in your development workflow.

What's fixed

  • [Airdrop Platform] Extended support for bidirectional sync of custom Jira fields.

  • [CSAT on PLuG] You can now configure your CSAT survey to match your branding and objectives with the help of our CSAT snap-in.

  • [Part Enhancements] We enabled an "actual close date" attribute on parts. This is especially useful for tracking the enhancements that were deployed in the past month, quarter and so on.

  • [SLA] You can now define SLA policies using custom fields created for your tickets. Do you need to define response and resolution time SLAs based on a specific field of a ticket? We’ve got you covered.