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Qase integration helps foster collaboration between product development which uses DevRev Build and QA engineers on Qase who write tests and file defects for test case failures.

  • PMs and engineers can understand feature testing and know if there are any missing pieces while developing the feature.
  • Provides updates on test cases that failed and why they failed.
  • QA engineers can log work items on DevRev when bugs are found in testing.

For more information, refer to the Qase snap-in on the DevRev marketplace.


  1. In DevRev, go to Settings > Snap-ins and click Explore Marketplace in the top-right corner.
  2. In the DevRev marketplace, find Qase and click Install.


Create a connection

  1. Create a connection by going to Settings > Snap-ins > Connections > + Connection.
  2. Choose Snap-in Secret, add connection name, Qase API key and click Next.

Add the connection and part

  1. Add the created connection in Connect your snap-in secret workspace.
  2. In Configuration, add Project code and The part to which Qase defect is linked.

Configure Qase to connect DevRev

  1. In the settings of the project, go to the webhooks menu, and click on Create new webhook.
  2. Fill in the webhook name, URL, and secret obtained from the snap-in Instructions tab.
  3. In the events for defects, select Created event only.
  4. Click Create webhook.
  5. Create a custom field named "DEVREV-ISSUE_ID" of type Text for the test case, test run, and defect objects.