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Articles are pieces of information about your product or organization in a knowledge base that's used to answer customer queries with the help of Turing bot, customer portal, or PLuG.

Articles are associated with a part (product or service) and can be created by internal users. Your customers can search across your articles and serve themselves on their queries. This empowers your customers to find answers on their own instead of waiting for your support team to get back to them.

Articles can be found under Settings > Support > Knowledge base > Artciles.


  • Draft

    The article isn't ready to be released to the public. You can make edits at this stage.

  • Published

    The articles have already been released to the public.

  • Review needed

    Articles that need approval and to be reviewed by others before releasing them.

  • Archived

    Articles that are outdated and no longer required can be removed by archiving them.


Give access to view the articles by selecting any one of the following:

  • Private

    • Not accessible to external users.
    • Not used to generate answers by the bot.
    • Only appear in search results within the app.
  • External

    • Accessible only to authenticated users.
    • Used by the Turing Bot to generate answers.
    • Cited as sources when the bot provides answers to authenticated external users.
    • Appear in search results on both the app (for internal users) and the portal (for only authenticated users).
  • Internal

    • Not accessible to external users.
    • Appear in search results on the app for internal users, but not searchable by external users.
  • Public

    • Accessible to all users on the portal, both authenticated and unauthenticated.
    • Used by the Turing bot to generate answers.
    • Cited as sources when the bot provides answers to users.
    • Appear in search results on both the app for internal users and the portal (for all external users)

Create an article

  1. Go to Settings > Support > Knowledge base > Articles.

  2. Click +Article on the top-right corner of your screen.

  3. Enter the article URL or upload files from your device. Click Next.

  4. The title of the article is prefilled by default but you can edit it and add a description.

  5. Select the part for which is article is about.

    (Optional) Edit Status and Access if needed.

  6. Click Create.

You can also create articles automatically by using smart import KBs snap-in