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CSAT on conversation

CSAT on conversation offers a simplified approach to measure customer satisfaction level for the conversation resolved with the help of surveys which can be utilised to enhance the overall customer experience.

This snap-in displays a survey scale to the customers after their ticket gets resolved on how satisfied they are. The questions can be customized to align with their requirements.

🎥 Video: DevRev PLuG surveys

Installing the CSAT on conversation snap-in

🎥 Video: DevRev PLuG survey installation
  1. Install the CSAT on conversation from the DevRev marketplace.

  2. Select the dev org to install the snap-in, confirm installation, and click Deploy snap-in.

    • Select the channel you want to send the survey on in Survey channel.

    • Write introductory text for the survey in Survey introductory text.

    • Customize your survey response scale which is shown to the customers to select from in Survey response scale.

    • Write a query for the customers after the survey is populate in Survey query.

    • Write a message for the customers after the survey response is submitted in Survey response message.

    • Specify the time for the survey to expire (in minutes) in Survey expires after.

csat on conv

  1. Click Save > Next and deploy the snap-in.