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Google Calendar

Integrate Google Calendar with DevRev

Elevate your scheduling efficiency and supercharge client interactions with DevRev's Google Calendar snap-in. This snap-in is meticulously designed to seamlessly integrate with Google Calendar, revolutionizing how you manage appointments and engagements within the DevRev ecosystem.

Let's set up Google Calendar for you

Make a new connection

  1. Open the settings on your DevRev app and go to Integrations > Connections.
  2. This page shows all your existing integrations. In the top-right corner, select + Connection.
  3. Select Google Calendar and enter a name for your connection. Enable Make connection available to your dev org.
  4. Click Continue with Google Calendar and add your calendar account.
  5. Grant DevRev access to your Google Calendar. Refer to our privacy policy for more information.


  1. Go to the Snap-ins section within your DevRev workspace settings.

  2. Click Explore Marketplace.

  3. Search for Google Calendar and click Install next to the Google Calendar snap-in.

  4. Create a connection of type Google Calendar and give the permission to read/write calendar.

  5. Add your Google Calendar connection in Google Calendar snap-in.

  6. Update the snap-in configurations as needed.

    • Calendar ID: ID of Google calendar to be synced to DevRev. The default is primary.

    • Add Non-Existing RevUsers: Enable this to allow people in Meeting that are not Rev user to be added as Rev user.

      If a meeting is scheduled with people who are not a dev user and neither a customer, this option allows them to be added as Rev user.

    • Track Meetings from Free Email Domains: Enable this feature to capture meetings scheduled by non-work email addresses, such as those from gmail.com or yahoo.com.

    • Recurring Days: Number of days in advance for recurring events to be synced. Default is 7 days.

      The recurring events inside the specified advance days are created, i.e if 7 days is specified, then all recurring events in next 7 days are created.

    • Sync Email Required: If specified, only events containing specified email address get synced.

  7. Deploy the snap-in.

  8. Enter /GoogleCalendarStart in the snap-in's Discussions tab on the right.

  9. In the Discussions tab, you can see a message Google Calendar integration completed on successful start.