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An opportunity record represents a potential source of revenue for your organization. Opportunities feature customizable states and stages that communicate their position within the sales pipeline.

You can link opportunities to an account, tickets, and conversations which could lead to a potential source of revenue.

Create an opportunity

  1. Go to Opportunities > + Opportunity.
  2. Fill in the title, description, owner, and account it's associated with.
  3. Toggle on Create multiple to create opportunities with the same attributes.
  4. Click Create.


Opportunity attributes

Opportunities have attributes that can be used to filter and group them in various views. You can find all the stock attributes listed in Settings > Object customization > Opportunity > Stock fields. These are the stock attributes that come with DevRev:

  • Account: The account associated with the opportunity.
  • Owner: The person responsible for the opportunity. Opportunities are assigned to sales representatives or customer-facing team members through the Owner attribute.
  • Stage: The current state of the opportunity. The stage attribute is used to track the progress of the opportunity through its lifecycle. The following are opportunity stages:
    • Open: Stalled
    • In Progress: Validation, Negotiation, Contract
    • Closed: Closed Won, Closed Lost
  • Total value: Total size of the opportunity.
  • Forcast category: Pipeline, omitted, upside, strong upside, commit, won.
  • Created by: The person who created the opportunity.
  • Created date: The date the opportunity was created.
  • Modified date: The date the opportunity was last modified.
  • Tags: Tags are used to categorize opportunities.
  • Modified by: The person who last modified the opportunity.

These attributes can be effectively used in filters and Group conditions across various vistas in DevRev to track specific work, capacity, and more.

You can add custom attributes to opportunities to track additional information. For more information on custom attributes, see object customization.