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Descope identity validation

Creating delightful customer journeys starts with having reliable, validated user identities at every step. The Descope snap-in for DevRev provides user email validation through OTP authentication right within your PLuG widget. Authenticating users in context without any redirects provides a native experience.

This snap-in enables several use cases across teams such as:

  • Providing clean, accurate lead data for marketing teams
  • Routing qualified conversations to sales teams
  • Having consistent user identities across pre and post-signup processes

Ensuring your users are who they say they are helps streamline operations, save time on frivolous conversations, and provide a secure and frictionless user experience.

User email validation

Authenticate users with the “possession factor” of their email account with one-time password (OTP) validation. Request the user for their email and have them input the OTP within the PLuG widget.

Make a new connection

  1. Open the settings on your DevRev app and go to Integrations > Snap-ins > Connections.

  2. This page shows all your existing integrations. In the top-right corner, Select + Connection.

  3. Create and select your Descope connection.

    • Follow the steps below to get your Descope Project ID

      • Sign Up on Descope
      • Go to Settings > Projects
      • Copy the Project ID

      Descope Project ID

Installing the Descope identity validation snap-in

  1. Install the Descope identity validation from the DevRev marketplace.

  2. Select the dev org to install the snap-in, confirm installation, and click Deploy snap-in.

  3. Update the snap-in configurations as needed.

    • Configure the initial message which would be shown to the user when they are asked for their email.

    • Customize the message that is shown to the user during OTP collection.

    • Customize the message that is shown to the user on successful verification of email.

    • You can trigger this either for all new conversations from an unverified user or when Turing is unable to deflect a conversation.

      • To activate the automation for every new conversation, toggle on Send on Create.
      • If you prefer the automation to only be triggered when Turing is unable to deflect a conversation, make sure you have selected the appropriate turing_undeflected tag, and toggle off Send on Create.

Descope identity validation

  1. Click Save > Next and deploy the snap-in.