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Seamlessly bring user feedback from Marker.io into DevRev. DevRev's Marker.io integration enables you to create tickets or issues automatically when a Marker.io issue is created, linking it to a specific part of your product, assigning a default owner, and adding tags.

Additionally, if you include the reporter's email in the Marker.io issues custom data, and create DevRev tickets from Marker.io issues, you can configure the snap-in to use this email to auto-fill the Reported By and Customer Workspace fields in tickets. If no contact or accounts match the email, they are automatically created.

Installing the Marker.io integration snap-in

  1. Install the Marker.io from the DevRev Marketplace.

  2. Configure the snap-in as needed.

    • (Optional) Select the default owner for Marker.io work items.

    • Select the default part for Marker.io work items.

    • Optionally add default tags for Marker.io work items.

    • Select the DevRev work item type (issue or ticket) for Marker.io reports.

    • Optionally add the reporter email field from Marker.io issues custom data.

    • Click Save > Install

  3. Go to the Instructions tab.

    • Copy the webhook URL found here.
  4. Connect the DevRev webhook with Marker.io.

    • Go to Marker.io and log in.

    • Click on the project you want to integrate with DevRev.

    • Click on the settings icon.

    • Click on the Webhooks tab.

    • Enter the DevRev webhook URL that you copied in the previous step in the URL field.