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Jun 05 to Jun 19, 2023

6 new enhancements; 5 resolved issues

What's new

  • [KB extraction] Import and organize your articles from any URL. Simply provide the URL where your articles are currently hosted, and this snap-in automatically crawls through the URL and creates articles.

  • [MFZ] We’ve added a custom ticket form to the Customer Portal. With this change, you can take charge and decide which fields you want your users to fill in before filing a ticket from the portal.

  • [Marketplace]

    • This enhancement to our Marketplace makes it even easier to install and configure snap-ins.
    • If you’ve installed something from our Marketplace, you can rest easy knowing auto-update ensures you’re always using the latest version.
  • [Customization] DevRev now fully supports custom attributes in lists (Vistas) and record views. You have complete control over customization. This includes seamless and flexible customization-backed list/table views with filter, sort, and group operations for custom attributes, as well as customization-backed record/sidepane view

  • [Airdrop HubSpot] With HubSpot Airdrop, you can seamlessly import all your companies and contacts into DevRev.

What's fixed

  • [Automations] The Part Owner Notification snap-in changes the way product owners stay informed when their assistance is required. Designed to make collaboration a breeze, this snap-in ensures owners are promptly notified whenever duty calls.

  • [Rev Import/Export] Importing customer data is a walk in the park with DevRev. Visit the Customer Vistas (list views) and easily upload your accounts by clicking the "Upload CSV" button in the top right

  • [SLA]

    • We added support for first response and follow up response SLAs on tickets where your customer can comment.
    • Add support for Custom attributes for Ticket SLA policy.
  • [Vistas] You can now edit tags inline from the list view. Just imagine all the time you'll save!