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Slash commands

The Slash commands snap-in helps you with tasks that are taking up your time and increasing your workload. By integrating the Slash commands snap-in, you gain direct access to the capabilities of the Turing bot, right within any text field. This integrates into your workflow, regardless of whether you're engaged in customer support interactions or deeply immersed in building projects.

Installing the Slash commands snap-in

  1. Install the Slash commands snap-in from DevRev marketplace.
  2. Select the dev org to install the snap-in, confirm installation, and click Deploy snap-in.

Your workspace after setting up Slash commands

After successfully setting up the Slash Commands snap-in, navigate through text fields, such as:

  • Inbox > Conversation > Customer chat/Discussions
  • Tickets > Customer chat/Discussions
  • Issues > Discussions

A / allows you to execute commands, revealing a comprehensive list of available options. Respond to customers or participate in discussions, all without the need to exit your ongoing conversations.

slash commands