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API versioning

When backwards-incompatible changes are made to the API, a new, dated version is released. The current version is 2022-10-20.

By default, all requests implicitly use version 2022-10-20 unless you override the API version by passing in the X-Devrev-Version header with the requested version. For example:

1 X-Devrev-Version: 2022-10-20

When new API versions are released, the customer can opt-in by providing the date string which gets published in the documentation.

Public APIs

We strive to always introduce backward compatible changes. In the event, we need to introduce a new version, we provide adequate notice for users to migrate or adopt the new version. All public API versions are supported for at least 1 year.

Early-access APIs

We expose newer functionality in the form of early-access (or "beta") APIs to allow early adopters to explore and experiment. These APIs are likely evolve and change as we receive more feedback, so they do not have the same backward compatibility and version guarantees as our public APIs. In order to access early-access or beta APIs, send the following header with your request:

1 X-Devrev-Scope: beta