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ZoomInfo enricher

Integrate ZoomInfo with DevRev

Enhance your account and contact data with DevRev's ZoomInfo enricher snap-in. This integration provides you with additional information from ZoomInfo's extensive database, helping you make more informed decisions and build stronger relationships with your customers.

Let's set up ZoomInfo for you


To access ZoomInfo's extensive database, ensure you have an active ZoomInfo API subscription.

Make a new connection

  1. Open the settings on your DevRev app and go to Integrations > Connections.
  2. This page shows all your existing integrations. In the top-right corner, select + Connection.
  3. Select Snap-In Secret and enter a name for your connection in Connection name field. Enable Make connection available to your dev org.
  4. Paste your ZoomInfo API Private Key in Secret and add your connection.


  1. Go to the Settings > Integrations > Snap-ins.

  2. Click Explore Marketplace.

  3. Search for ZoomInfo and click Install next to the ZoomInfo enricher snap-in.

  4. Add your ZoomInfo API Private Key connection in the Connections tab.

  5. Update the snap-in configurations as needed.

  6. Deploy the snap-in.

How to Uninstall

To uninstall the snap-in, navigate to menu located under Snap-ins > ZoomInfo Enricher. Select Remove snap-in to permanently delete the snap-in from your organization.