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Getting Started with DevRev APIs

At DevRev, we are building OneCRM that brings developers ("devs") closer to their customers ("revs"). In the coming decade, we believe developers are capable of running their entire business with code and that DevRev is the platform to enable this via it's APIs.

Never used a DevRev API before? You’re at the right place. Let’s get started!

DevRev object ID

Every object in DevRev is uniquely identified by an id. This globally unique id field can be found in the API response. The value SELF can be passed in as id to reference the logged-in user.

The display-id visible on the DevRev UI is also accepted in the id field for better usability. ISS-69 in the below image is an example of display-id for Issues.

Display ID in DevRev UI

Make your first API call

In this guide, we’ll make a call to the dev-users.self API to retrieve the user object created for your account on DevRev. This user object contains information such as a unique identifier, full name, display name, and profile picture.

To do this, make a GET request to the DevRev server ("https://api.devrev.ai/dev-users.self") and include the PAT created in the Authorization header of the request.

In this example, we’re using curl to make the requests but you can use any tool you prefer.

1 curl --location --request GET 'https://api.devrev.ai/dev-users.self' \
2 --header 'Authorization: <PAT>'

For a user named "John Smith Doe", we receive the following json response that contains all the details for this user

1 {
2 "dev_user": {
3 "display_handle": "John Doe",
4 "created_date": "2022-01-28T10:45:53.698Z",
5 "modified_date": "2022-01-28T10:45:53.698Z",
6 "profile_picture": "<logo-url-here>",
7 "auth0_user_ids": [
8 "auth0|abcd1234eca43c006913f97d"
9 ],
10 "id": "don:identity:dvrv-us-1:devo/20:devu/40",
11 "display_id": "DEVU-40",
12 "state": "active",
13 "full_name": "John Smith Doe",
14 "email": "JohnDoe@devrev.ai"
15 }
16 }

Congratulations! You’re all set to explore our platform. Visit this page to browse through our APIs and build your first integration with DevRev.

Facing an error while authenticating the APIs? Refer to our troubleshooting guide to learn more about our error codes.

You can also reach out to us for support using the DevRev PLuG widget. We’re just a click away!